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Easy Shrub Mix

As shrubs have regained their popularity as a summer drink, the internet is filled with recipes on how to make a shrub from scratch. If that interests you I highly recommend "Shrubs" by Michael Dietch. But if you're short on time or aren't usually a 'from scratch' kind of cook, let me share my highly secret (until now) cheater's way to an easy shrub mix. Head to the pancake mix section of your local grocery. Next to the maple syrup you should find an assortment of fruit syrups. Pick the one you like and add some Old Sourpuss vinegar - I suggest either our red wine or strawberry wine vinegars - in a ration of five parts fruit syrup to one part vinegar. Of course if you like a little more tang to your shrub, add a little more vinegar. Now you have a basic shrub mix. Add a couple of tablespoons to a pitcher, and then fill with water, or club soda, or sparkling wine. I like adding a splash of shrub to a Portuguese vino verde. Add a little to your ice tea or lemonade for a change of pace. Shrubs are summer's most refreshing drink.


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