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Meet Tulsa

The word 'merlot' in French means Little Blackbird, named because the grapes are blue-black.

We planted our Merlot and table grapes in 2012. We worked hard and had a lot of fun watching our little 4 acre vineyard mature. As the years went by we realized that we had trouble getting the grapes to mature and sweeten to the degree we wanted, and we realized that our soil was just not the desirable plot we had hoped it would be.

By 2021we realized that the vineyard had stopped being enjoyable. So we kept four rows of merlot, just enough to keep making vinegar, or jam, but not enough to sell to anyone else. And we kept a couple of table grape vines - just enough to provide grapes for ourselves and our neighbors.

The land that used to be vineyard is now horse pasture. I bought myself an 8 year-old quarter horse gelding from Oklahoma and named him Tulsa. He's a sweetie and loves being out in the pasture with his buddy Rusty. And I'm back in the saddle and loving it.

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