Tasty recipes for Old Sourpuss Red

Red wine vinegar is the workhorse of all vinegars. It makes a perfect vinaigrette and wonderful marinades for beef and pork roasts. Just a splash adds zest to chili and gazpacho. Here's a recipe for basic vinaigrette for use on salads, cold steamed asparagus or green beans. Drizzle over sliced tomatoes.

Red Wine Vinaigrette – 2tbls.OldSourpussRedWineVinegar – 1tsp.garlic – 1⁄2 tsp.Dijon mustard – 1⁄4 tsp.salt and1⁄4 tsp.blackpepper – 1⁄4 cup.extra virgin olive oil – Add your favorite herb: thyme,oregano,basil – Combine the first five ingredients. Wisk olive oil in slowly.

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