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Artisan Vinegar, the Secret to Great Food

Slow, Natural Aging

Old Sourpuss Vinegars start with fine grape varietals, grown locally, and turned into fine wine.  We make our vinegar using a very old and traditional French “Orleans” method. The wine goes into special oak barrels containing the vinegar “mother” that turns the wine into vinegar.  It stays in the mother for months before being transferred to oak aging barrels where the vinegar slowly matures and mellows.  No chemicals hurry the process.  Finally, the finished vinegar is filtered and bottled raw so that it contains all the healthy goodness of the “mother”. 

Good tasting and good for you.

All Natural
Barrel Aged


"I am pretty particular about the vinegars I use in my dishes. Old Sourpuss is flavorful and has just the right amount of tang!"

Jerry Raphael, Chef

Red Wine Vinegar

Made from our own Merlot grapes, it makes an excellent vinaigrette that brings extra character to salads and antipasto.  Use it to marinate meats, or to add just the right complexity to stews and chilis.

White Wine Vinegar

Made from locally sourced Viogner champagne style wine, this delicate vinegar provides a delightful finish  to chilled asparagus  as well as cucumber and potato salads .  Brightens up white pasta sauces and all your seafood dishes.

Strawberry Wine Vinegar

This unique vinegar is a lovely companion to Jersey tomatoes and spinach salads.  It adds just the perfect zing to fruit salads and warm Brussels sprouts. 

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